Repair terms


Repair within the warranty period

  1. The Store will assess whether the repair is covered by warranty. Certain defects, for example defects caused by water, moisture, drop and impact damage, software problems and improper use of the owner or third parties are not covered by the warranty.
  2. If the repair is covered by warranty, The Store will repair the repair free of charge.
  3. If the defect is not covered by the warranty, then € 60 research costs will be charged. If certain hardware is defective, you will always be notified by telephone.
  4. The warranty period is generally 2 years after purchase (if this is different than stated). To be eligible for warranty, you must always provide a copy of proof of purchase. If this is missing or the warranty period has expired, the repair will be treated as a repair outside the warranty period (see below). It is also possible to request a copy of this proof of purchase from our administration department. To be able to request this, you must know the name and address data with which the relevant purchase was made. This application costs € 7.50 per copy receipt.
  5. The Store gives a 3 month warranty on hardware that has been replaced during a repair. If the official warranty of a product lasts longer than 3 months, it will expire.

Repair outside warranty / product not from The Store

  1. The Store will always examine your computer first. The costs for this are € 60.
  2. If your product can be repaired, you will receive a quote. If you accept this, the repair will be carried out.
  3. Please note: if you do not accept the quotation, The Store will only charge you the research costs of € 60.
  4. You must pay the research costs before returning your product. If you do not pay the research costs, The Store will hold the product until you have paid these costs.